The Dumb Man 

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The Dumb Man is a play about acceptance, death, and the existential questions that each of them evokes. It's also a play about fear of loss and the persistent impulse to deny reality. When reality is too painful to face, it's much easier to remain in a state of denial.When you deny reality, you create a void with only one answer: illusion. As long as there is an illusion, the denial of reality can be maintained. The pain stops and there is a sense of freedom and control. But it is a false freedom, because there is always the conflict of reality staring you in the face.

Butterfly Collage
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The Dumb Man is a dark comedy about the man who lives inside a psychedelic world he created for himself to cope with grief.

The narrative of the play is one man’s denial of his reality, and creating his own world of what he believes is the truth to help him continue living. That makes his The Dumb Man a tragic figure, as he is not aware of the full truth and so suffers for it.

The Dumb Man is a response to Aristotle’s “Poetics.” This play also touches on the notion of being trapped in an unreal world, and it has been argued by scholars that this is a warning against getting caught up in one’s own dreams and illusions rather than reality.

The protagonist is convinced that his wife is still alive. He is trapped in the world he’s created as a result of his guilt and grief. He is living in a fantasy of what it would be like if he had been able to have been with his wife when she died.

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Actors: Michael Molino, Lana Helena Hulenic,

 Sam Perry, Adam Trussell, Takatusna Mukai

Set Design: Hardy Gru

Written and Directed: Jagoda Kamov

Cockpit Theatre 2022