Sales of A Deadman


When the top guy on the sales board accidentally-on-purpose lies down in front of a bus, his coworkers clash over what happens to his sales commissions - in particular: who gets to be the new board leader and win a new car, and who will get fired 



The play is a tragedy because the characters are trapped in their own self-destructive behavior. Office workers caught up in the world of constant repetitions that make them stop being humans and turned into a bugs.The play isn't really about "the office" but is more a metaphor for the human condition, which humans would rather not think about. The theme of the play is that the human condition is a prison and the only way out of it is death.At its base, "Office Space" is a farce about the absurdities of modern life in which people are largely alienated from their jobs and from each other.This alienation stems from the process that has traditionally been used to find, hire, promote and retain new employees. Additionally, it is a satire of the "just doing my job" ideology that people are expected to live by. This alienation also comes from the hyper-focus on productivity and efficiency in office culture, which has allowed companies to get away with paying low wages and treating employees poorly.


Celia Learmonth, Demi Leigh, George Galassi, Matthew Kay

Sales of a Deadman

Written by Arthur M Jolly, Directed by Jagoda Kamov, Production: Kibo Production Theatre: Barons Court Theatre