The walls were covered with plaster and posters of Mars that were covered with red pencil-marks. Snake fixed his eyes on the map, and some old memories resurfaced on his face.

"Charming!," he said with a sly leer. Copland looked at him sharply. "Are you familiar with this map?" he asked. Snake rose from his chair, approached the map, and surveyed it with disdain. 

"Yes.Well enough to find my way about," then he leaned towards the map and pointed to the pencil-marks. "These lines indicate the progress of the different mines on Mars--the richer mines first and the poorer ones last."


"It's a splendid map," Copland said, with an air of conviction, and got up to stretch before returning to his usual blank stare “Snake. My offer still stands.I can take you to Mars and introduce you to the man who made this map." 


Mars is a science fiction play that touches on the subjects of immortality, dehumanization, climate change, and nihilism.


The play is set in the year 2089, on Earth. Immortality is achieved, and Earth is destroyed due to climatic changes and covered with heavy radiation from the sun.


The play opens on the following quote from the German philosopher Martin Heidegger:

"The earth is the finite center of the infinite space of the universe. Man is the finite center of the infinite time of history. He stands at a crossroads where one can go either to eternity or to nothing."

This quote sets up the theme of meaninglessness in the play. The characters are faced with a world that has gone through physical and moral degradation. They are faced with a world that has no meaning and a world where each person is on their own. .“There is no God, remember? Nothing means anything…. It's a world in which all men are free to do as they please.”

I wanted to tell a story about how we are losing value towards life and how we are becoming dehumanized from ourselves and everything around us. I wanted to show a scary and dark reality that is slowly happening in our society and how we are becoming more and more scared and disenchanted with everything. I wanted to show what could happen if we lose our values and humanity, in a way that is not too in your face but shows the reality of the situation .I wanted to show that we are slowly turning into a society that is more artificial and disconnected from humanity.

Rocks in Desert